The Desk View is configurable to display all the information needed to Register Players, Clear Players, Page Players and Manage the Waitlist..

Game Maintenance

Setup New Games, Open and Close Games

  • Select Color for Game
  • Short Name (for Desk View)
  • Long Name (for Player View)
  • Display Order
  • Information for Player View
  • Max Players per Game
  • Multiple Columns for higher Demand Games, Configurable for Desk View and Player View
  • Optional: Points per hour for Rewards
  • Information for Table View

Player Look

Lookup players, create new players even print player cards. Then seat directly to table or put on wait list

Game Window

Add, clear, rearrange and seat players from game view

Player Window

Modify player information, specify preferences, transfers, add/clear games and seat directly to table

Table Window

Open and close tables, seat or clear Players, track player time and set attention (floor, drinks, decision)