Wait List

Add a Professional Image to your Wait List

The Waitlist module consists of a Player Display and Front Desk Entry Display. The two components work together to communicate to both Players and Personnel the current status of cash games.

Desk View

The DeskView displays all the information needed to register players, clear players, page players and manage the waitlist on a single display and is configurable to match the room layout of the poker tables.

  • Color Game List
  • Configurable Table Layout
    • Game(Color)
    • Open Seats
    • Waitress Requested
    • Need Floor Personnel
    • Decision Requests
  • Optional: Seat Players at Table
  • Usable without Mouse
  • Add Additional Games to Players Waiting
  • Clear Players from one all Games
  • Open/Close Games
  • Interfaces with TableView(Optional)
  • WaitList Tabs
    • Transfers
    • Page Status
    • Open Tables
    • Player Preferences
  • Seperate Tabs for:
    • Games with Open Seats and Wait
    • Tables Requiring Decision
    • Tables Needing Floor
    • Tables Requesting Waitress
  • List of Player Paged with Time on Page
  • Swipe Player Card, Lookup Player or Enter Names
  • Open/Close Tables
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Player View

The Player Display is the list of players presently waiting to play a game. The Player Display is configurable and can be displayed on any large-screen monitor on any networked computer

  • Intuitive, simplified, and professional display
  • Display auto-sizes based on number of games offered
  • Player preferences (Table, Seat, etc) are noted
  • Scrolling Information Text
  • Color-coded Tables, Games, and Waitlists
  • Players are highlighted when their seat is ready
  • User Interface can be branded with the Poker Room’s Logo and Colors

Live Updates

Connect Poker Desk Server with Internet and Players can see what Games are Playing and how many Players are waiting. Also show interest in games. (Monthly Charge)

Live Example


Report of Open Tables by the Hour can be Printed or Exported for further analysis

  • Open Seats
  • Used Seats
  • Waits by Game or all Games
  • Open Tables
  • Waits by hour
  • Player Points by Period and Amount

Table View

With Andriod tablet, update Table Information. Seat Players at Table, Vacate Seats

  • Updates Open Seats
  • Links to Desk View
  • Track player activity
  • Request Waitress
  • Change Player Seats
  • Call for Floor
  • Capture missed blinds
  • Require Decision