To help you make a purchase Decision, check the Software Prices, look at the sample Hardware Cost ,
contact some current Clients, check out the Tutorials, even Install the Software.
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Poker Desk Prices

Contact us for custom price quote. Prices are per location, but the software can be loaded on as many computers as necessary to meet requirements.

Sample Hardware Costs

Actual Costs will depend on Models Purchased, Warranty, and Supplier. Clients should purchase Hardware from their normal Computer Supplier. The following should only be used for Reference Purposes. See Hardware Requirements for Hardware Specifications.

Touch Screen Computer $1,000.00
Monitor/TV for Player View $500.00
Tournament Receipt/Seat Printer $800.00
Player Card Printer $3,500.00
Android (for tables-each) $200.00 - $300.00
Self-Service Kiosk $3,500.00
Card Swipe $60.00